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Mediaholix believers in technology


Our Business Philosophy

We believe in providing the highest levels of customer service in a professional and efficient manner. We only use technology and software that we have extensive knowledge of so that we have absolute confidence in the products we sell and services we offer. All solutions are supplied with a no-jargon explanation as to why that solution is best suited for your existing setup and how future expansion may be appropriately integrated.


Our Company

Mediaholix was founded by an IT Professional  whose passion for technology has always led him to see how far standard equipment and software can be used to provide solutions and services otherwise only available to the non-techie through expensive specialist firms.   Over the passed few years we have evolved and focus now on technology and websites.  With strong marketing and technical backgrounds we are able to offer a commercially and technically competent product offering.

Our Recommendation Philosophy

Here at Mediaholix we are great believers in delivering value.   To do this we work with just a few clients, ensuring we are proactively looking at how we can help them.  When we build a website for example, we ensure it is aimed at the right people, the content is suitable and is well structured for SEO.   Your website is considered your shop window so make it appealing with good content about who you are and what you do, call to action and clear navigation.
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