our clients 

We choose to work with a handful of businesses so we can provide a bespoke and responsive service.  We know what it is to be in business and like to deliver value and results.


I am on the Mediaholix Gold Service and it more than delivers in terms of value.  What I particularly like is the proactivity – once a quarter I am gently reminded that we need to meet to discuss SEO strategy, which terms are working which we could try and brainstorm ideas for compelling content.

Lucinda Carney, Advance Change Ltd.

We opted for the Mediaholix Gold Service as it saves our office time.  Everything is taken care of, questions are answered swiftly and we have a great online presence which reflects who we are and what we do.

Benedict Anderton, Grosvenor Wealth Management Ltd.

Many of our customers comment on how great our website is – how it stands out from the crowd but is still simple and easy to use.

Victoria Robertson, beatbike.co.uk

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