Why SEO?

Quite simply if you have a business with an on-line presence you should consider SEO.

There are plenty of companies who will offer to ‘optimise’ your site, providing highly technical reports that no amount of coffee will help decipher.  SEO is a vast subject involving a wide variety of technical factors and so you need to be sure that your supplier understands your business needs and works with you to get the results you want. It’s about the quality of traffic not the quantity.

Why Mediaholix?

Mediaholix have been doing this for over a decade and we’re good at it, having learnt our trade creating and optimising websites predominantly in WordPress but also in Shopify, Squarespace and now HubSpot.

We work with you to gain a deep understanding of your business and the customers you want to reach and appeal to. Next we develop and implement an SEO strategy that will see you receiving relevant interest in your product or service and maximising visitor engagement, but it doesn’t end there. Successful SEO isn’t a one off activity, it constantly evolves with the changing demands of the search engines and Mediaholix are great at keeping you ahead of the game. We use evidence based reporting and a dynamic and flexible attitude to offer the best results driven package for your business. Combine this with a cohesive inbound campaign and, well, you’re probably going to smash it.

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